Enhance your protection with HALYARD* PUREZERO* Masks, setting a new standard in safeguarding against a range of contaminants. Whether in healthcare, industrial settings, or personal use, HALYARD* PUREZERO* Masks will provide a secure fit and reliable filtration, ensuring peace of mind in any environment. Carefully crafted to deliver exceptional filtration while maintaining breathability, these masks ensure optimal comfort and defense. Explore Olander's extensive collection to find the mask for your unique needs. 

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Enhance your protection with HALYARD* PUREZERO* Masks,  Read More

Frequently Asked Questions



What is nitrile?

Nitrile is an abbreviated term sometimes used for nitrile rubber, which is made from butadiene and acrylonitrile monomers.

What products do you offer that address issues of fogging on glasses?

We offer several different styles of masks that address the issue of fogging. These masks include our fog-free masks, anti-fog masks and masks with Dermatouch tape. Please contact your Olander sales representative for more information.

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