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The Challenge: Managing over 500,000 Units of Fastening Supplies

FM Industries, a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer, has worked with Olander for over 34 years and is one of our longest-standing customers. In the last 12 months, Olander shipped over 500,000 fastening solutions to three different facilities in Northern California.

But to keep up with an always-changing manufacturing schedule, Olander needed to put in place a robust Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program. This custom VMI program involves a team from Olander; including a Fleet Technician for on-site stocking twice a week, and an Inside Sales Representative for order processing and tracking.

The need for a precise inventory management system is critical to ensure that FM Industries never runs out of supply, while at the same time reducing the overstock of unnecessary product. Olander has implemented an on-demand solution, employing a supply forecasting system which operates within a strict minimum/maximum range. The restocking quantities are never the same, as inventory is tied directly to FM Industries’ manufacturing schedule. The VMI program is also controlled by reporting and analysis, on a monthly basis, for further inventory management insight.

FM Industries, in turn, communicates a manageable list of products to Olander, especially for Heli-Coil sourcing.  

“Olander has been a valued supplier to FM Industries for close to two decades. Their service is consistently outstanding, and they are the epitome of what makes for a ‘frictionless’ VMI partner, making it always easy to do business with them,”

Bill Shaffer

Senior Purchasing Manager

FM Industries 

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The Challenge: Maintaining a Precise Global Supply Chain

Actineon is a global manufacturer of industrial computers and a leader in product design and engineering services. Olander provides Actineon with a quarter-million fastening units each year. Since 2015, Olander has developed and managed a custom Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program to precisely stock Actineon with only the supplies they require.

“I appreciate working with a great partner like Olander in supplying hardware for Actineon’s manufacturing operations. I have enjoyed working with Olander for 10+ years. The Olander Sales and Customer Service team members I interfaced with are always professional, proactive, and very responsive.

Without having to ask, the Sales team proactively provide run rate report for all SKUs Actineon purchases on a regular basis and this greatly helps my supply chain team for better planning. When we need help finding specialized parts, I can depend on your team to work on it and provide a quote and lead time promptly.

I especially love the VMI program that Olander offers, which has greatly reduced time and resources needed for my Purchasing team.

Overall, I believe we have an excellent partnership, and I look forward to further growing our business.”

Jack Chen

Vice President, Operations

Actineon, Inc.


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