Customer Testimonials

quoteGreat service was able to get what I needed and go back to work! The staff was very helpful!quote   end

– Edwin M.

quoteI had a problem with finding an STI tap for a large helicoil. It was a 12 week lead time. The Olander company had them made ahead of time and were on the shelf. Not only that but their staff was very helpful with all my questions. Maybe the most cooperative company I have ever worked with.quote   end

– Jan B.

quoteNeeded last minute assistance to repair my boat to meet a customer commitment with a family fishing charter. John went out of his way to find what I needed, provided instructions for installation and arranged an after hour pick up to help me out. A rare and refreshing experience with a great company. Olander came highly recommended by a friend who owns a business manufacturing aircraft parts who uses Olander frequently.quote   end

– Don G.

quoteI needed some saddle height adjustment set screws, for a Mustang guitar bridge that were a shorter length but did not know the size.  Von went above and beyond and figured out the size set screw and was very meticulous.  He was very friendly and helpful with his approach and also solved an issue I was having with the set screws not threading smoothly. If I have any future needs from The Olander Company I would definitely go back to Von for help!quote   end

– Saverio T.

quoteOlander is my tech company's go-to for picking up standard or metric fasteners. Our product and engineering team are always working on various projects simultaneously, and are always in need of specific screws, washers, standoffs, etc.  Olander always has what we are in need of, and if any unique part is out of stock, the turnaround time is always fast.  Von, Eric, and Tai have always been very helpful and very patient when we bring in new products for assembling prototypes.  Von and Eric have spent a lot of their time and worked closely with me on a current project, and were very helpful and provided expert suggestions and ideas.  We are very fortunate to have Olander available as our local shop for picking up fastener parts!quote   end

– Umar A.


quoteService was excellent. Found a new place to source hardware for my team. Found bolts locally that I was not able to find elsewhere.quote   end

– Ryan C.

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