Explore a large selection of rivets online from our expert inventory at Olander. A rivet is a type of permanent mechanical fastener consisting of a head on one end and a cylindrical stem called a tail on the other. The tail expands upon installation, holding the rivet securely in place. Rivets offer reliable fastening capabilities for a variety of light and heavy-duty applications, from architecture to aircraft assemblies. They offer both shear and tensile strength, as well as watertight properties. Not only are they durable, they are also easy to use, easy to maintain, and very cost-effective.

Our collection features a wide array of rivets for sale in a variety of rivet types, sizes, materials, finishes, and brands, as well as riveting accessories for a range of uses. With our unparalleled service and speedy delivery, you can rely on Olander as your go-to for your fastener needs. Whether you're looking to buy rivets online or want to learn more about our services offered, our technical experts are here to assist you. For questions about ordering or more information, please reach out to our helpful sales team


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